While I have difficulty crying or expressing emotion I do get visions in my head. Some are very beautiful.. others not so much. I choose the vibrant visions to bring to fruition. I don't know exactly where they come from but I'm sure that they are an amalgamation. This one I have now is a woman, I think she might be me but I'm not sure. It could be that it's really any woman with my shared experience. The figure is sort of floating and is surrounded by butterflies. There are several of these images related In a progression in my mind this first seems very strong and I will attempt to create it.

I've been working on this vision for over a month now. The under drawing was the most difficult to get exactly right. It is like nothing I have ever drawn before. Doing the oil glazes is fun and comes easily because the under drawing is so perfect.

As the economy is still recovering after the crash only 2 years ago, I realize this Is actually timely for a move to NYC: easy to find an apartment in downtown Manhattan.

I was just let go from my weekend bartending job close to where I live after injuring my feet. I won't be able stand up for 9 hours at a time for Months. I'm actually ok with it. I have gotten a handful of oil commissions and will be able to afford not having a side job at the moment.

It's sunny outside and the light comes into my small east village studio in bountiful bundles of indirect light.... Perfectly diffused. I love how the rays bounce off the white pavement in the courtyard outside and indirectly floods my room with light. Incidentally the light also making the permanent bars on my widow less creepy.

My glorious new work is not quite completed. Sitting on the floor and painting is the most comfortable for me as my feet recover. The painting is leaning against the exposed-brick defunct fireplace as I sit in front. The wood floor of my studio already has paint on it, but this makes me feel more at home. I also adore the Keith Haring sticker that's been left on the fuse box.

As I'm doing the transparent glaze of shadow I realize that this is the best piece I have ever made. It seems to be imbibed with the emotion I am unable to Express.

 I have been in NYC for nearly 5 years and Brooklyn for the last year. It's weird living in the year 2015. I feel like we should all have Marty Mcfly shoes and hoverboards. It's that time year for an art donation to the women's shelter who saved my life.

I speak with the shelter's new director of development. She fell in love with the butterfly painting and did I realize that was Turning points logo? The lowest and most crucial time of my life managed to seep it's way into my work as a physical manifestation of my Turning Point .

Sometimes i do get hints to where my visions come from... and it gives me butterflies.

Thank you all for sharing in my journey of creation. I am humbled to be living my truth everyday. Aloha nui loa to my collectors who have always believed in me. - Carrie Able

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