The theory of everything


Being a middle schooler with only long distance dial up to internet in a very small town, I tend to engage in  interpersonal communication amongst those physically near. My dad is sitting in the small spare bedroom he calls his home office. I come in and he is heavily vested in several books. I ask what he is doing for work, which as far as I know has something to do with fluid pumps mechanics.  What he is doing right now is not his work, this is his "hobby " Dad is ferociously studying Quantum Mechanics and the Theory of Relativity because separately they are standing theories but together they do not correlate.  He explains that he is searching for "one unified theory"

Somewhere in there he explains that the closest distance between two point is not a line but a curve when you add the fourth dimension of time, which blows my mind.

Eleven years ago when Dad died I found irony in that one who had a brilliant brain would lose his physical body because of it. He had accomplished so much; dozens of patents, published papers. Maybe he did all he was supposed to in such a short life.  Or he was taken too soon and he would have eventually found his theory of everything.  One thing is for certain though: now he has his theory and one day he will share it with me.