FUN with Color Theory!!!



theory is one of my favorite topics,  so when i hear a proclamation for the love of yellow and distaste for red; i feel compelled to discuss that there is yellow in red...  well some times..

to understand this we need to ponder that mixing light and mixing pigment are very different ways of mixing color.

we are taught in school that there are the 3 primary colors; red, blue and yellow.   It's a bit more complicated than that.

thEre are 2 differnt paletes for mixing colors; one is light based and the other pigment based.   This is comparing the colors projected from a computer screen or TV (red green blue) to the colors created by mixing colors with paint or on a printer (cyan magenta yellow )

For some of us we remember being a kid and getting real close to the TV even though we weren't supposed to.  we discovered little dots of color, which when farther away make a succinct moving image.  it is the same with a computer screen.

Now you know the cartridges you buy for your printer? these are the basics of mixing pigment. Cyan, yellow and magenta.  We could make black from these but we usually have a separate black cartridge because of all the black a typical printer produces.

interestingly when you equally mix all colors of light you see white light, when you mix all shades of pigmented color you get black.

diffused natural daylight is the most neutral light that will not impose an added tint to the physical objects color. This is why you often see photographers shooting outside on an overcast day, or outside on a bright day with an added diffuser over their subject.

the way a prism or a rainbow works is by refracting the white light so you can see all of the colors that make up white light.  In a rainbow it is the water in the air that does this, which is why rainbows often occur after rain and particularly often in humid climates like Hawaii! 


YEY .. Fun with Color theory!


Thank you all for sharing in my journey of creation. I am humbled to be living my truth everyday. Aloha nui loa to my collectors who have always believed in me. - Carrie Able

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