self portrait with roy

This is the first Oil painting I completed after the death of my father.I was a senior in college and had just gotten kicked out of Duke Universities Visual Art Major "distinction program" for painting too realistically.Painting at the time was not at all popular let alone realistic painting. The full title of the series is "The Triumph of Realism Over Abstraction" as it references abstract works being triumphed by an intruding figure.It is one of only a few self portraits I have done.It is quite a large painting and the face is about two times life size. I don’t prefer work that heavily references another, however in this case it was necessary to convey how I felt.

Thank you all for sharing in my journey of creation. I am humbled to be living my truth everyday. Aloha nui loa to my collectors who have always believed in me. - Carrie Able

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