I feel a future...


Even before I was old enough to comprehend what it meant,  I knew that being a "lesbian" was about the worst thing a woman could be.
Even after coming out to my family I still have an aversion to that word from my early imprinting.

This isn't just a battle won for equal rights, its a battle won for how the queer community is to be viewed and treated.

When i heard the Supreme Court Decision today, I don't just feel a victory... I feel a future... a future where subtle public affections don't illicit snide remarks or threats from strangers... a future where queer families are not viewed as a complicating circumstance for the child...... a future where our children cant even imagine a life without legal equality.
Thank you all for sharing in my journey of creation. I am humbled to be living my truth everyday. Aloha nui loa to my collectors who have always believed in me. - Carrie Able

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