Young Artist Contest

I am excited to announce the contest for 13-14 year old artists for a $50 USD for Blick art supplies. All mediums are welcome. Please submit one photo image representative of the work along with a brief description of the art process (media used and technique) to  Please share this with the young artists in your life. The due date is Wednesday May 20th and the winner will be announced at the beginning of the summer.

Why this age you ask? It was around this age that I began doing paid commissions and winning awards for my art. This age is a defining moment in a young artists life to know that being a working artist can be a reality and not just a dream.






With the opening of the new Whitney Museum some people have mentioned to me they don't  feel welcome. They find art museums as pretentious and expensive. Art museums exist for the public so no one should feel this way. Many museums regularly have "pay as you wish" and  most have regular weekly free nights in order to make everyone in the community feel included.

Do not ever feel like you don't know enough about art to visit a museum. when visiting any museum enjoy the work while respecting it.  Always ask before taking photographs and NEVER use a flash or physically touch the work.  The oil from our hands as well as flash photography weakens the archival quality of the work.  Typically if a work is in the museums permanent collection you may take a non-flash photo. If there is not a docent or tour guide on duty, the museum guards often are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the art .


Here are my favorite NYC museums; 

ALWAYS FREE (or pay what you wish):American Museum of Natural History 
Brooklyn Museum 
Metropolitan Museum of Art P.S.1 MoMA Studio Museum in Harlem 


9/11 Memorial Museum 5-8 pm
Brooklyn Botanic Garden

New Museum of Contemporary Art 7-9 pm

Museum of Modern Art 4-8 pmNeue Galerie 6-8 pm
Whitney Museum of American Art 6-9 pm

Japan Society 6-9 pm

Brooklyn Botanic Garden 10 am-noon

Frick Collection 11 am-1 pm (pay what you wish)Studio Museum in Harlem

Brooklyn Museum (First Saturday, 5-11 pm)
Neue Gallerie (First Friday, 6-8 pm)

check this out

really enjoyed seeing martha cooper's photographs at the museum of the city of new york.  some really amazing documentation of 80s and 90s hip hop music and culture