Turning Point

I really enjoyed the Turning Point fundraiser this evening... an amazing aray of champagne and chocolate! Here a donated print of mine and Version at the podium handing the organization a giant 40,000 check.   

Thank you so much to my friend Amy for coming with me and hosting me! Also thanks to Sharon at Turning point for organizing such a lovely event!




With the opening of the new Whitney Museum some people have mentioned to me they don't  feel welcome. They find art museums as pretentious and expensive. Art museums exist for the public so no one should feel this way. Many museums regularly have "pay as you wish" and  most have regular weekly free nights in order to make everyone in the community feel included.

Do not ever feel like you don't know enough about art to visit a museum. when visiting any museum enjoy the work while respecting it.  Always ask before taking photographs and NEVER use a flash or physically touch the work.  The oil from our hands as well as flash photography weakens the archival quality of the work.  Typically if a work is in the museums permanent collection you may take a non-flash photo. If there is not a docent or tour guide on duty, the museum guards often are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the art .


Here are my favorite NYC museums; 

ALWAYS FREE (or pay what you wish):American Museum of Natural History 
Brooklyn Museum 
Metropolitan Museum of Art P.S.1 MoMA Studio Museum in Harlem 


9/11 Memorial Museum 5-8 pm
Brooklyn Botanic Garden

New Museum of Contemporary Art 7-9 pm

Museum of Modern Art 4-8 pmNeue Galerie 6-8 pm
Whitney Museum of American Art 6-9 pm

Japan Society 6-9 pm

Brooklyn Botanic Garden 10 am-noon

Frick Collection 11 am-1 pm (pay what you wish)Studio Museum in Harlem

Brooklyn Museum (First Saturday, 5-11 pm)
Neue Gallerie (First Friday, 6-8 pm)

Today is the day! first Last Wednesday!


Last Wednesday is debuting today, April 29 and happening the last Wednesday of every month with 2 to 5 new unique works posted to  Collect.  The new paintings and drawings will be available for 3 days until midnight THIS Saturday, May 2nd.

Additionally begining today, limited edition prints will be made available on the unrestricted site shop.carrieable.com without a time limit.


For access to Collect please submit the form at carrieable.com/password-request/

The Dinner Party


my moms been telling me to read this book "the invention of wings".   

It references Judy Chicago's feminist installation "the dinner party" located at the brooklyn museum  

really enjoyed seeing that installation, it highlights many important woman in different industries throughout out history.  



Lisa Yuskavage...Women painting women


Lisa Yuskavage at David zwirner  


LOVED this


similar to john currin in the technique and with a recognizable figurative distortion. with yuskavages work i feel like its as if divinci suddenly discovered disneyworld and then came back to brooklyn to look for figurative muses.  The technique is apparent while infused with this bursts of colorful and figures with playful eccentricity



Is that a painting? drawing? or a fine art print?


Even native English speakers confuse the art terminology painting, print and drawing.  

Painting uses a separate tool to apply a wet medium to a surface. (oil, acrylic, watercolor) Whereas drawing implies that the tool used also contains the pigment, which is applied directly to its surface. (pencil, pen, charcoal)

Interestingly, in English painting is both the verb and the noun for what's created, as well as in drawing it is both of the verb and the noun for what is created.

The definition of a fine art print is debatable. Historically, the most valuable prints are those where an artist's process is involved (lithograph, serigraph, woodblock cut print, linoleum cut print, etching) and they are numbered limited editions typically of 200 or less, where edition 1/200 would be the most valueable.

Hope this little tidbit helps some english art word confusion! 

Gentileschi and Klimt

diffent artists, different genders, different style, same subject



ArtistGustav Klimt
TypeOil on canvas
Dimensions84 cm × 42 cm (33 in × 17 in)



ArtistArtemisia GentileschiYearc. 1614-20TypeOil on canvasDimensions158.8 cm × 125.5 cm ((6' 6" X 5' 4") 78.33 in × 64.13 in)LocationNational Museum of Capodimonte, Naples

To my beloved earliest collectors:

I don't want you to fall in love with a work of mine and then not be able to afford it.

I don't want your 2 year old to miss out on having a complementing portrait to their big sister.



This is why I have decided to implement a policy that all my collectors are entitled to acquire one comparable new piece per year for the same as the original acquired work or commission

Note:(plus 3% per year since acquisition of work to account for inflation)

Existing Collectors need not submit an essay and may email info@carrieable.com for password.

For password to Collect please submit a 100-500 word essay briefly expounding on the impact ART has in your life. Email to info@carrieable.com with "Collect Submission" in the subject title.