ode to my mentor Leslie Adams

while i dont get to see her much anymore, ill always be greatful for the time i spent apprenticing Artist Leslie Adams.  

Leslie was in the first class of the New York Academy of Art, after winning a scholarship based on her drawings. Adams recently had a retrospective at the Toldeo Museum of Art.  

As my painting continues to evolve, I will always be greatful for the basis of technic i learned from Leslie.  Perhaps most importantly, I witnessed at an early age that becoming a working artist was possible.


check out her site at leslieadams.com

Leslie Adams at work.. One of her paintings I posed for; "Athena" is in the background.

Leslie Adams at work.. One of her paintings I posed for; "Athena" is in the background.

Some of my favorite living female artists


Some of my favorite living female artists


Similar to her intricate work, Olek work has a bold unique personality and is stunning.


Miss Van

Her work is playful and distinctive


Tara Mcpherson

Her work has a cool otherworldly vibe and she is just the nicest person.



I am kind of anti- fashion these days, however this performance at NADA was dope;

multi-disciplinary artist Cheryl Donegan presents her new collection with Print All Over Me in a unique fashion show. Fashion illustrator Richard Haines will draw the models live. Featuring NADA x PAOM collaborations. Curated by Sam Gordon. 

photo courtesy of my old iphone

photo courtesy of my old iphone

Lisa Yuskavage...Women painting women


Lisa Yuskavage at David zwirner  


LOVED this


similar to john currin in the technique and with a recognizable figurative distortion. with yuskavages work i feel like its as if divinci suddenly discovered disneyworld and then came back to brooklyn to look for figurative muses.  The technique is apparent while infused with this bursts of colorful and figures with playful eccentricity



oh how i love his work...


While I don't lend much credence to magazine lists, I was impressed with Times top 100. Mostly because if felt deserved and unexpected. Specifically I am stoked to see the inclusion of painter Chris Ofili.

Ofili physically creates all of his own work and lives a life of anonymity in Trinidad.  This is a huge contrast to much of the mid to later career "Art" which employee many assistants and artisans to actually complete the paintings or sculptures

There is a dichotomy to his work as it is figurative and abstracted, painting and mixed-media; he blends all of these elements to create incredibly complex physical explorations of sexuality, hip-hop culture as well as a commentary on the continuation of systematic social injustice.

I absolutely adore his work and bravo to the New Museum for one of the best exhibits I have seen.