Figurative sketch- black and white charcoal on grey paper


the lone red painting and me


This photo was taken the week after I left Hawaii.  Most of my work was left at galleries in Hawaii, however I did bring the tiny red painting that I was working on the moment I decided to leave.  That same week I received a call from the Bay Area Vagina Monologues asking for a donation. Even though we had never met, they understood me and what I had been through just from looking at my work. Their fundraiser had "Red" in the title so I thought my lone small painting would be perfect so I sent it to them. You can see this painting on the right, behind my left shoulder.


I think artists of all kinds feel the most vulnerable when they are truely understood. 


Some of my favorite living female artists


Some of my favorite living female artists


Similar to her intricate work, Olek work has a bold unique personality and is stunning.

Miss Van

Her work is playful and distinctive

Tara Mcpherson

Her work has a cool otherworldly vibe and she is just the nicest person.