Under painting progress- detail feet

Detail of painting -progress oil on linen under painting  

Progress- oil on linen under painting  

Progress- oil on linen under painting  

starting a new underdrawing😃

Detail of underdrawing for a new oil on linen work


NYC & me...5 year anniversary!!

I moved to NYC 5 years and a week ago.  4 days after I moved here I had my first and only solo bike accident without a helmet.. i completed my first week reconnecting with old friends covered in bandages.  

I was so excited to do a group gallery show the first month I was in NYC with artists from all over the world in the LES organized by Alexandra Catalan.

 Like a strong woman that captures  you with her tenacity; NYC is opinionated and passive ...alluring and vile...passionate and chill... I am smitten and I dont think Ill ever leave her.

here is a photo of the underdrawing of my beautiful friend Cyrina that was the first painting I began in NYC 5 years ago today. 

it seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago at the same time



having a Green month

Progress on new oil painting.  Im having a green month.  

Detail of unfinished work, oil on stretched linen

Detail of unfinished work, oil on stretched linen

where creativity meets chemistry

photo is of the yellow ochre glaze over the fixed graphite drawing on linen, the video below is the same painting during highlight scumbeling.

oil painting is where creativity meets chemistry.

the beauty of art and science. 


foreshortened figuration

foreshortened figuration always finds its way into my work...... the start of an underdrawing for an oil in linen 


starting something beautiful....

Underdrawing for an oil painting with my favorite stretched belgian linen..   

 (yes im ambidextrous which comes in hand depending on which hand is injured)