Figurative sketch- black and white charcoal on grey paper


Throwback- oil figure study

Just found this figure study in oil from when I was 19. While im not too impressed with my younger self's preservation skills (Crumbled up and off the stretcher bar) I am impressed with the painting skills.


friday morning ... listening to the black keys

listening to the black keys

blending melodies with paint

on the sound

smelling the sound

hearing the color

love the mixture  

that comes from



Under painting progress- detail feet

Detail of painting -progress oil on linen under painting  

Progress- oil on linen under painting  

Progress- oil on linen under painting  

the lone red painting and me


This photo was taken the week after I left Hawaii.  Most of my work was left at galleries in Hawaii, however I did bring the tiny red painting that I was working on the moment I decided to leave.  That same week I received a call from the Bay Area Vagina Monologues asking for a donation. Even though we had never met, they understood me and what I had been through just from looking at my work. Their fundraiser had "Red" in the title so I thought my lone small painting would be perfect so I sent it to them. You can see this painting on the right, behind my left shoulder.


I think artists of all kinds feel the most vulnerable when they are truely understood. 


starting a new underdrawing😃

Detail of underdrawing for a new oil on linen work


NYC & me...5 year anniversary!!

I moved to NYC 5 years and a week ago.  4 days after I moved here I had my first and only solo bike accident without a helmet.. i completed my first week reconnecting with old friends covered in bandages.  

I was so excited to do a group gallery show the first month I was in NYC with artists from all over the world in the LES organized by Alexandra Catalan.

 Like a strong woman that captures  you with her tenacity; NYC is opinionated and passive ...alluring and vile...passionate and chill... I am smitten and I dont think Ill ever leave her.

here is a photo of the underdrawing of my beautiful friend Cyrina that was the first painting I began in NYC 5 years ago today. 

it seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago at the same time



new oil on linen works

           Carrie Able , Garden (1),  Oil on stretched linen, 10" x 10"      

          Carrie Able, Garden (1), Oil on stretched linen, 10" x 10"



                Carrie Able  , Garden (2),   Oil on stretched linen, 10" x 10"    


          Carrie Able, Garden (2), Oil on stretched linen, 10" x 10"


Laaaaaaast Wednesday

Last Wednesday is today! .....and happening the last Wednesday of every month with 2 to 5 new unique works posted to Collect.  The new paintings and drawings will be available for 3 days until midnight THIS Saturday, May 30th