Today is the day! first Last Wednesday!


Last Wednesday is debuting today, April 29 and happening the last Wednesday of every month with 2 to 5 new unique works posted to  Collect.  The new paintings and drawings will be available for 3 days until midnight THIS Saturday, May 2nd.

Additionally begining today, limited edition prints will be made available on the unrestricted site without a time limit.


For access to Collect please submit the form at

Is that a painting? drawing? or a fine art print?


Even native English speakers confuse the art terminology painting, print and drawing.  

Painting uses a separate tool to apply a wet medium to a surface. (oil, acrylic, watercolor) Whereas drawing implies that the tool used also contains the pigment, which is applied directly to its surface. (pencil, pen, charcoal)

Interestingly, in English painting is both the verb and the noun for what's created, as well as in drawing it is both of the verb and the noun for what is created.

The definition of a fine art print is debatable. Historically, the most valuable prints are those where an artist's process is involved (lithograph, serigraph, woodblock cut print, linoleum cut print, etching) and they are numbered limited editions typically of 200 or less, where edition 1/200 would be the most valueable.

Hope this little tidbit helps some english art word confusion! 

Framing Recommendations



I have been getting questions about my recommendations for framing, which I appreciate as I have seen some of works framed in a way that detracts from the piece.

Drawings and Limited edition block prints should be framed as they have a fragile surface and need to be covered with either glass or a comparable protective clear surface. My favorite is a shadow box white wood frame. This is my favorite ready made frame.  My second favorite way to frame a drawing or limited edition print is mounted by sandwiching between two larger pieces of glass.

Many limited edition prints are made on a standard size and will do fine with a ready made frame. Gallery wrapped oil paintings do not have to be framed and I think they typically look best not framed. However if you would like to frame an oil work, it will have to be custom and I would still recommend a shadow box white wood frame.